Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trick or Treat... it's Halloween!!!

Well it's that time of the year when the leafs start to fall & the first chilled winds start to blow. But the end of October also brings a very strange party with it : HALLOWEEN. Yes we love the pumpkins and the ghosts, the devils and the witches. But are there any for us little dogs??? and if so, which one will you be??? Here you may have a little peek-a-boo!!!

spooky & spooky

pumpking jumper from Puppy Angel

little devil jumper from Puppy Angel

the cow jumper: now this is very funny!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Feeling like a star

If you live in Paris, and you have taken the metro in the last couple of weeks, you have surely noticed this great add on the metro-walls. It belongs to "Le Bon Marché", and every time I see it It makes me feel like a star. So looking trough my dressing (yes I have a dressing on my own) I came up with one of my old stay home, fancy t-shirts. Guess what? I feel like a star!!!

Add: le bon marché

Puppy Angel stars t-shirt, strass letter collar

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My pijamas in So-En magazine

Keeping it Jap with So-En magazine, my pijamas are now all over the japanese press!!! So if you are any close to be a fashion addicted dog, this will be one of the winter musts. I can only say that Puppy Angel knows how to make good stay in clothes for us little dogs.

So-En November 2009 issue

moi (petite Pinina) in my Puppy Angel pijamas

Friday, October 16, 2009


Well what can I say, other the fact that I'm very proud of myself: I got the chance to model for fashionjp.net! Actually they wanted to do a dog special issue in different cities such as: Tokyo, NY, & Paris. And, given the fact that my little tail is very well known in the dog fashion industry ( I'm like the equivalent of Kate moss in dog talk), I was asked to pose for them & show different Paris-like models for this fall. So here some pictures of me modeling at one very cool shop in Paris called "Un chien dans le Marais".

winter outfit: Puppy Angel apple
pijamas & pink winter jacket

Out for a run wear: Puppy Angel jogging,
little convers for dogs & louisdog crib

with my mommy: vintage Burberry trench coat
& Marc Jacobs rain boots for her
Pretty Pet chololate rain coat for me

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My bunny sweat

So animal expo was not wath I had expected; I should have known better and rather make an effort and go to the pet fashion week in NY! Well that teaches me! But, I did find this really funny and comfy sweat that looks like a bunny. It is just adorable for this humid-cold days in Paris right now, and I can also wear them as pijamas.

puppia bunny sweat

I even have a little bunny tail ; )

voila! I sleep already like a bunny, but no dirty hole!
See u soon for more Pinina fashion.

Friday, October 9, 2009

This week-end:

Animal expo is here! For all of you cute little & big dogs living in Paris, this is the occcasion for you to rapidly render new collections, stores, hair dressers, brands and food. I will only be a visitor this time, so I'm planning to enjoy the event to the fullest. Will post some pics on monday for those that can't come visit. Bisous!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chanel fashion show!

Yesterday morning was Chanel's fashion show, so my crazy addicted fashion mommy was surely there. What to say about this huge barn standing in the center of Grand Palais in Paris; it was just from another world. You could actually feel the county side and hay around you. everyone was really excited, but most important were the dresses!!! Wow, they made an excellent work interpreting the french countryside and ultra-chic glamour on their pieces. But the big surprise was Lilly Allen singing live for us during the show finale!!! That girl knows how to rock & dress chanel all together!

For more images see Lily Allen chez Chanel or catch up her video for Is not fair

So enough about how great Chanel was, and let me show you how I dog-interpreted next summer countryside trend: It's all about big flowers, gold and creamy colours.

Dress: Louisdog / Flower collar: PuppyAngel

Monday, October 5, 2009

A day of rain...

A day of rain in Paris means I get to stay home, sleep and drool on the couch. Well not much to say here but I think this is a nice outfit to stay in: cotton pijamas and red spot dots t-shirt (http://www.unchiendanslemarais.com). As for my lovely toy: his name is Robot (http://www.louisdog.com)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Going to work!

How does a Parisian dog go to work??? Ever wondered about this? Well it's simple: we like to be well protected by a nice bag & a soft blanket is always welcome. Specially if we take the metro, which can be very stressful for us dogs (too laud, to crowded,too smelly). I personally like riding in the bikes basket; feeling the wind on my face, seeing everything on the way & barking at big dogs!

Blanket:baby Sia, Bag:Gerard Darel

Anotheer day @work
(but later I will explain what I do to earn my biscuits)
kisses to all!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shopping @ Tabio & Joy

After having read Alix's article at http://www.thecherryblossomgirl.com/, about her beautiful Tabio stockings, my fashion mommy couldn't resist & took me shopping with her! She got the same ones in black colour. I on the other hand, stayed in my very comfy Furla bag & possed for a picture. May I state that Tabio is a dog-friendly shop!

Later on, we took a stop at a nice,romantic boutique called Joy. A black Sonia Rykeil merinos top was imperative to go along with the hearts. But the mos amazing thing were the different bunny statues that looked as cute as me, and even had my same colour. Here some pics for you to enjoy:

I'm wearing a Puppy Angel hoody-tshirt