Friday, October 16, 2009

Well what can I say, other the fact that I'm very proud of myself: I got the chance to model for! Actually they wanted to do a dog special issue in different cities such as: Tokyo, NY, & Paris. And, given the fact that my little tail is very well known in the dog fashion industry ( I'm like the equivalent of Kate moss in dog talk), I was asked to pose for them & show different Paris-like models for this fall. So here some pictures of me modeling at one very cool shop in Paris called "Un chien dans le Marais".

winter outfit: Puppy Angel apple
pijamas & pink winter jacket

Out for a run wear: Puppy Angel jogging,
little convers for dogs & louisdog crib

with my mommy: vintage Burberry trench coat
& Marc Jacobs rain boots for her
Pretty Pet chololate rain coat for me


  1. Vous etes super mimi !!

  2. You & your mommy are so fashion !!

    Marine & W!dget