Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shopping @ Tabio & Joy

After having read Alix's article at, about her beautiful Tabio stockings, my fashion mommy couldn't resist & took me shopping with her! She got the same ones in black colour. I on the other hand, stayed in my very comfy Furla bag & possed for a picture. May I state that Tabio is a dog-friendly shop!

Later on, we took a stop at a nice,romantic boutique called Joy. A black Sonia Rykeil merinos top was imperative to go along with the hearts. But the mos amazing thing were the different bunny statues that looked as cute as me, and even had my same colour. Here some pics for you to enjoy:

I'm wearing a Puppy Angel hoody-tshirt


  1. Pinina, you are so beautiful, and I really like the Tabio stockings. But is the Furla bag for dogs?

  2. Hi Pinina,

    I think the're so beautiful, and I like shopping in Paris too!! this is why we are friends....

    Je pense que tu es très branchée!!
    Je t'embrasse,

    Ta copine,