Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Chanel fashion show!

Yesterday morning was Chanel's fashion show, so my crazy addicted fashion mommy was surely there. What to say about this huge barn standing in the center of Grand Palais in Paris; it was just from another world. You could actually feel the county side and hay around you. everyone was really excited, but most important were the dresses!!! Wow, they made an excellent work interpreting the french countryside and ultra-chic glamour on their pieces. But the big surprise was Lilly Allen singing live for us during the show finale!!! That girl knows how to rock & dress chanel all together!

For more images see Lily Allen chez Chanel or catch up her video for Is not fair

So enough about how great Chanel was, and let me show you how I dog-interpreted next summer countryside trend: It's all about big flowers, gold and creamy colours.

Dress: Louisdog / Flower collar: PuppyAngel

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  1. hey so classy, so fashion dear Pinina!!!! How whas the show ? Alya